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We are pleased to announce that phase 2 of the refurbishment of our store has now been completed and our new Large Fish Departnment is now open.

We would like to invite you to come into our store to see this great new department.

Once again, we would like to thank all our customers for their continued support during the time we have been closed due the fire.

Looking forward to seeing you again soon.

The Fish Bowl Team



The Fish Bowl Ltd is a family run business established in 1964 in the Fulham area and we believe in close ties with the local comunity. For that reason we pride ourselves on being a one stop shop for pet lovers.

With friendly advice and a great range of pet supplies for Dogs, Cats, Smal Animals, Fish, Birds and Reptiles, you can get all your pet supplies from our online pet shop or in our store in Fulham.


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Latest Pet News

Published: 15 May 2013
Devastating Fire at Pet Shop in Fulham
The Fish Bowl Ltd burnt down in the early hours of monday morning

Published: 07 March 2013
Hunt to find deadly poison killing dogs in New Forest
Pollution experts are attempting to identify a deadly toxin that is thought to be killing dogs in the New Forest.

Published: 16 January 2013
Dog died after a groomer left it to burn under an industrial dryer
A dog had to be put down after it suffered

Published: 16 January 2013
For the first time Bodnant Garden allow in pet dogs
One of the best known gardens in Wales, Bodnant Garden, is allowing dogs inside for the first time.

Published: 16 November 2012
Edinburgh Dogs home launches Staffies campaign
The number of unwanted Staffordshire bull terriers being cared for at a dog and cat home has more than doubled in the past 10 years.

Published: 25 October 2012
Farmer shoots dogs dead after escaping from kennels while owners on holiday
A couple who put their two dogs into a kennel while they went on holiday were devastated to hear they had been shot by a farmer after escaping

Published: 18 October 2012
Dunfermline Postman Hits Out After 18th Dog Bite
A Fife postman has hit out at pet owners after being bitten by a dog for the 18th time in his 20 year career.

Published: 15 October 2012
The first Scottish pet passport hub at Edinburgh Airport
Scots who take their pets abroad can now fly them directly back into the country rather than shipping them via England.

Published: 06 August 2012
Podge the cat in tug of love after going astray
A 2yr old cat which went missing & was re-homed is at the centre of a tug of love destined for the courts after his new owner refused to give him back.

Published: 02 July 2012
Wimbledon Anti-Pigeon Hawk Stolen
A hawk being used to patrol skies and deter pigeons from the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships has been stolen.